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The Data Protection Act regulates the way we handle and process your personal data that we hold.

New rules on how we collect and process your personal data were introduced on 25 May 2018.

Personal data is information which relates to a living person who can be identified from the information itself, or by linking it with other information. For example, it could be your name and address, a school pupil's record or your own health information.

Processing personal data is the name given to anything that we do with your personal data that we hold. For example, entering your details into our computer systems or storing a completed form in a filing cabinet.

We have a legal requirement to comply with all elements of the Data Protection Act.


City Property Glasgow, City Property Glasgow Investments and City Property Markets have reviewed our operations and introduced a catalogue of more focused Privacy Statements tailored to the business function. These are listed below but you may also see these on the different areas of our website and the contact us pages depending on the nature of your interest.

Please consider your reasons for visiting the City Property website and refer to the relevant Privacy Statement below.

View properties for sale
Privacy Statement To enter into a purchase agreement in respect of property or land owned by Glasgow City Council

View properties for let/lease
Privacy statement for leasing property or land from City Property Glasgow (Investments) LLP (April 2023)

Find out about our various market operations across the city
Privacy Statement Markets (April 2023)

Make a Freedom of Information request
Privacy Statement for FOI and EIR Requests (April 2023)

Make a complaint
Privacy Statement for Complaints Procedure (April 2023)

Book a meeting Room at the Adelphi Centre
Privacy Statement for booking meeting rooms within the Adelphi Centre (April 2023)

Privacy Statement for Employees (April 2023)